iPhone 13 pink screen issue
No fix has been found, but Apple made a statement on Weibo about a software problem that was turning iPhone 13 screens pink.

Some iPhone 13 owners are reporting an issue that manifests as a pink or purple display seemingly at random.

In reports spread across Apple’s own support forums as well as Reddit and social media, people are reporting that members of the iPhone 13 family are showing a bright pink screen. Some people have been able to return their devices for a replacement, believing it to be a hardware fault.

However, a post to Chinese social network Weibo by Apple itself suggests that the problem isn’t a hardware one at all.

Apple, via machine translation:

We didn’t notice relevant problems in the hardware of the devices because this situation is caused when the system is locked.

Apple suggests that people should back up their data and make sure that all iOS updates are installed. Notably, it also wants people to make sure that all of their App Store updates are installed as well.

According to reports from those who were affected the iPhone 13 screen turns pink. In some cases the problem solves itself after some time, in other cases the iPhone has been replaced by Apple.


The good news is that Apple has revealed that it has addressed this problem now.

This problem was first reported by MyDrivers but has been spreading across the internet for a week or so.

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